Beta testers, de mensen die ervoor (horen te) zorgen dat de laatste bugs bekend worden en verdwijnen uit een game. Deze lui krijgen de games toegestuurd en mogen heerlijk op bug-hunt.To help them find that kind of stuff, they get beta testers. The job of a beta tester can be boiled down to a simple directive - break the game. By playing the game for hours on end and messing around with every setting the programmers put into it, chances are that if

there's a bug, they'll find it. Sometimes these beta testers are paid by companies like Activision to test the games they publish, or they can be volunteers picked by the developers to come into the office for a few hours to play the game to death. Some companies even release a beta version of their game to a selected portion of the public for a large-scale beta test.

So you've decided the beta testing life is for you. Now

you just need to get into it. And unlike most jobs, there's no school you go to learn it - you just have to know a lot about games. "Activision has a program called

Visioneers, which are people we use for testing at their

home, on their spare time," Matt said. "It's been

extremely successful and helpful to us in our process

as we get a constant feedback from 'real people'. There

are a lot of developers offering open Betas as well, and

I was doing a lot of that before I came to Activision. The technical skills I had acquired from being a PC Tech

helped a lot!" Beta tester, gratis games en bugs