Het blijkt dat een van de grootste gamingnetwerken in Amerika over de kop is gegaan. Gamefan, waar ondermeer Voodooextreme lid van was bestaat niet meer. Het is allemaal erg chaotisch verlopen omdat sommige webmasters niet eens een mailtje hadden gehad per wanneer hun site uit de lucht zou gaan en daarom geen tijd hadden om te switchen tussen hostingprovider.Well, some may have seen this coming a while ago, and others didn't have a clue.

The Gamefan network is as of today officially DEAD !

Gamefan was a company owned by Express.com that sold banner ads and provided webspace to gaming sites like VoodooExtreme and SomethingAwful (who recently switched to another company and has a law suit running against Express.com).

Here's a quote from one of the affiliates from the Gamefan network to one of their own hosted site :

I apologize for the short notice on this. I just received an e-mail from our hosts, GameFan Network, that they will no longer be providing hosting to any sites. [...] This means that we cannot provide reliable hosting for the foreseeable future, even if we do secure new hosting. I strongly recommend you begin transferring your sites off immediately, as GFN says all access will be revoked by Monday

(Thanks PlanetCrap)

So what does this mean ?

This means that next to Gamefan's own portal site already being down, ALL their hosted sites (and next in line the hosted sites from the affiliates) are going down and will probably receive 0 money that Gamefan owns them for selling banner ads.

Those of you that have been following the problems Lowtax from SomethingAwful had with Gamefan/Expres.com probably saw this coming, but all in all it's still a pity that networks like these just don't play it fair and try to not pay their affiliates and come up with all kinds of excuses and then just shut down.

Funny note : on Express.com's own site there's no mentioning of Gamefan shutting down what so ever. Guess they can miss bad publicity...Volgens geruchten komt Voodooextreme binnen enkele dagen weer online.

Geruchten gaan er ook dat het met de netwerken van IGN, UGO en Gamespy ook niet goed gaat.

Het aandeel van IGN is met meer als 20% gezakt sinds de introductie ervan, volgens PlanetCrap.