Ook dit jaar heeft GameSpot een artikel geschreven over de beste en slechtste games van het voorgaande jaar. Het artikel is onderverdeeld in verschillende categoriën, zoals beste muziek, geluidseffecten en verhaal. Ik zal vast verklappen wat GameSpot het beste spel van 1999 vond.... Everquest! Als je het hele verhaal wilt nalezen, klik hier even. Selecting our awards for 1999 was a difficult task. There were so many excellent games released in '99 that, in many categories, it was difficult to choose a single standout. The overall standard of quality was high. 1999 seemed doomed to disappoint after the number of great games released in 1998. After all, it appeared unlikely that developers would surpass the quality of games in a year that included Half-Life, Grim Fandango, and Starcraft. But if they didn't surpass it, they at least matched it with FreeSpace 2, NASCAR Racing 3, Age of Empires II, Homeworld, Quake III Arena, and many more excellent games. No category proved more difficult for us to select than Game of the Year. Though our selection may surprise you, we think it's representative of the year - more so than any other game released in 1999. And if you disagree with any of our selections, or even if you agree, be sure to vote in our Readers' Choice Awards. You'll find the ballot at the end of this story.