Op GameSpot hebben ze wat nieuws over Heroes of Might & Magic III: Shadows of Death. Dit is een nieuwe versie van HoM&M 3, met extra levels en campaigns.3DO and New World Computing are currently at work on Heroes of Might and Magic III: Shadows of Death. Shadows of Death will not be an add-on, but rather a stand-alone package; you won't need to already own Heroes III to play it, and if you do, you'll be able to send in for a rebate. The new game will include all of the scenario and campaign maps from the original game. In addition, Shadows of Death will also feature 38 all-new individual-scenario maps, as well as a set of seven never-before-seen campaigns (which also consist of about 38 individual maps). Shadows of Death's campaigns will play out similarly to the campaigns of the original Heroes III; they'll focus on telling more of a single story while switching between a handful of lead heroes.Lees de rest hier