GA-Source had een heleboel te melden over de game Hellboy, gebasseerd op de gelijknamige stripboeken van Mike Mignolia's. Het moet ontzettend op het boek gaan lijken en Mike Mignolia's heeft zelf toezicht gehouden dat alles klopte.Although it would be almost impossible to match the art found in the comic, the designers and 3D artists are working hard to translate Mike's style into the game. "We designed the game with two requirements in mind," Lebourg says, adding, "the first one is to be as faithful to the comic book as possible. We want the players to be captivated, thrilled and amused as if they were reading one of Mike's stories. The second requirement was to create a game accessible to anyone with a very simple interface (all actions are situation dependent and can be triggered with a single button/key)." Hellboy is composed of 6 Episodes varying from 10 to 20 rooms each. Some of the episode will take the player back to Medieval Times and others will transport Hellboy to another dimension. The game also features a whole variety of indoor and outdoor environments and promises to be very interactive.