Bij 3D Action Planet hebben ze een een stukje geschreven over de historie en de toekomst van de FPS, van Wolfenstein 3D tot en met Deus Ex en Elite Force. Vreemd genoeg slaan ze Quake I over, het spel waarmee de multiplayer hype toch eigenlijk mee begon...Has the game industry reached the limits of innovative FPS game design? We took a look at this question, investigating the eight-year history of the first person shooter and taking a look at what games radically changed the genre. Then we posed the question to some of the leading FPS developers to get their thoughts on the future of FPS game design.

The landmark titles of the FPS timeline serve as examples of what great things have been done with the genre. But as more FPS are released, more are often compared to titles like DOOM and Half-Life. This comparison is almost always flattery; for example, the out-of-nowhere hit Serious Sam has been raved about for its remarkable reproduction of DOOM's incredible gameplay. But this raises the question: have game designers done everything they can do from a creative standpoint with FPS game design? Is everything from here on out merely a DOOM clone, a Quake clone, or a Half-Life clone?

Are we a clone? And, are we alone?

Binnenkort volgt deel 2, dan horen we wat de spellenmakers en ontwikkelaars over dit alles te zeggen hebben.