De mannen van hebben een preview geschreven van FAKK2.

Deze third-person action-adventure van Ritual zal draaien op de Quake 3 engine.

Hieronder een knipje..Julie herself is now in her third iteration - the first model was very like the real life Julie Strain, who the character is based on, while the second was rather cartoonish with a gravity-defying bust. The current version is much more believable though, and is looking great.

And thanks to Ritual's skeletal animation system the model has around four thousand frames of animation, but won't bring your system to its knees. One of the reasons why Quake 3 is such a memory hog is that all those player models are still being animated in much the same way as the original Quake marine way back in 1996. Using the standard Quake 3 engine the Julie model would take up a massive 32Mb of memory, but with skeletal animation that is reduced to just 2Mb!