De makers van Commandos, Pyro Studios, zijn bezig met een uniek soort spel. Je kan het vergelijken met een strategiespel wat veel invloed heeft van RPG en adventure spellen.

Lijkt mij persoonlijk een topper.

IGN heeft een preview erover geschreven en gaan in op oa het unieke concept van het spel.Anyone who played Commandos would know that it wasn't your conventional real-time strategy. Besides the usual real-time strategy elements, it featured more tactical action and role-playing elements. The characters also had depth -- a member of the team wasn't just another nameless, expendable grunt to be sent into the action. So how does Heart of Stone live up to its predecessor? Well, it's quite early to tell, but from what we could gather, Heart of Stone seems to be a logical extension of Pyro's previous game design concepts. The game is still far off, scheduled for a Christmas 2001 release, but the development team did share some of the basic ideas behind it. Whatever you do though, don't ever tell the Pyro guys that Heart of Stone is a point and click adventure; it's actually something unique and never-before-seen in gaming… Geintereseerd geraakt? Lees dan de preview hier.