Dit keer was het de beurt van HaloPlayers.com om de wekelijkse Halo Update te posten. Er staat goed nieuws in deze keer:The first and biggest story this week involves the size of the Halo team. Suddenly it's much bigger than it used to be. After the Oni team moved up to Redmond the Halo team filled some gaps by cannibalizing a few Oni folks. They've worked out so well that the Halo team asked the remaining Oni team members to help out - and they accepted. The resulting "Dream Team," as Alex termed it, will work together on Halo until it's complete; at that point the Oni team will separate and go back to working on their new project. Everyone here is thrilled - the Halo team gets to distribute some of their crushing workload to the more-than-capable hands of the Oni guys, and the Oni guys in turn get to show off their skills in the context of the Halo world.Iedereen die Oni heeft gezien weet dat deze mensen echt wel een goed spel kunnen maken. Men heeft het zelfs al over een "Dream Team", dat belooft wat.

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