Op Cmtscorp is een petitie gestart om Halo voor de PC en Mac door te laten gaan.

Er bestaat onder de fans grote angst dat Microsoft Halo alleen voor de X-Box zal uitbrengen.What happens to the existing PC/Mac versions of Halo? It's important to understand two things: this decision is left to Bungie's development teams, and in Halo's case it has not been made yet. The development team has a ton of options to consider, and that's what they're doing right now. They may choose to concentrate on one platform, to bring the game to every platform under the sun, or something in between. As of this writing we simply don't know what the answer will be. We cannot promise that a Windows or Mac version of Halo will ship, but we can't rule it out either. Nor is there any reason to at this point. Tekenen kan hier. Op moment van posten hebben er al ruim 1950 mensen meegetekend. Ik heb ook gelijk getekend want Halo stond toch wel bovenaan mijn lijstje van veelverwachte spellen (nou ja, bijna dan, gelijk onder TF2 ).