O no !. Eerst wordt iedereen helemaal lekker, en misschien wel te volgetrapt met screens en filmpjes, blijkt dat de PC versie misschien een soort weeskindje wordt.

Halo voor de PC moest rekening houden met "mindere" systemen, maar aangezien Halo ook uitkomt voor de XBox kan het ontwikkel team voor de XBox alle remmen losgooien...als dat maar goed gaat voor de PC versie.I was thumbing throught the latest issue of the popular UK gaming print mag - Edge, and stumbled across an article on Microsoft's XBox. There was a little sideline article which featured developers giving their opinion's on developing for the console, amongst them was an interesting quote from Bungie's Joseph Staten. The quote kind of came across like the PC and MAC version of Halo have been put on the back burners while the XBox version takes priority, which also sounds like it might be considerably enhanced compared to the PC and MAC versions. It could be just my over-active imagination, or he could be refering to the fact the PC and MAC version have been in development for quite sometime already and now they're concentrating on getting the XBox version upto speed, who knows? Here's the quote in question see what you think:

"Throughout Halo's design process, we've had to face tough choices about limiting the game's scope to

accommodate lower-end PC systems. Now that we're making the game for the X-Box first and foremost, we haven't thrown away our old performance guidelines, but we certainly feel a lot more comfortable committing to high-poly models, more detailed textures, a litany of shader effects, insane physics - all the really sexy things that X-Box is capable of. Tackling a game as ambitious as Halo, it feels really good to have a clear hardware target. Even better, one that allows the whole team to create stuff that's a lot more complex than we originally planned."

It still leaves me wondering whether the PC and MAC versions are going to get the development attention they

deserve. Halo...tot ziens ?