Hmm 3DGN heeft een "Quickie" gemaakt, als je de site bekijkt zie je waarom ze het zo noemen. De game Halo wordt door velen als een van DE titels van 2000 gezien.So what about the game itself? There is a game here right? Well… probably, er, there will be… presumably, that is… assuming the developers don't get so wrapped up in making the engine for Halo that they forget to add all that silly gameplay stuff. I suppose it shouldn't be that much of a concern, as Bungie is known for making some pretty fun games, but still… nothing much has been announced as to how the game will actually play. It appears that Halo will be a 3rd person shooter/action game of some variety. There will be different types of combat, and it seems you'll be able to drive around in various death-dealing vehicles with which to blow up the aliens. It also has been suggested that play will be largely non-linear and not broken up into discreet levels… but you will be able to take on predefined missions if you like. Not a lot to go on, I know. A bit of the plot / concept is known, however, so you may as well hear about that. De release date zou in het vierde kwartaal zijn .