Halo komt zeker naar de Mac. Alex Seropian (directeur van Bungie) heeft dat bekend gemaakt op MacWorld. Over een mogelijke release op de PC is helaas nog niks bekend.Even as our own loonyboi is attending the keynote speech at MacWorld this morning, David Lynch sends along early word of one of the big announcements from Steve Jobs' opening remarks. According to David, Mr. Jobs presented Alex Seropian, CEO of Bungie, who announced that Halo, the upcoming shooter from Bungie that has had an uncertain future on any platform other than the Xbox since Bungie's recent acquisition by Microsoft (story), will indeed be coming out on the Macintosh. While this is good news for Mac loyalists, who have long considered Bungie to be one of their most devoted game developers, there is still no word for certain on whether or not the game will come out on the PC (though PC owners eager for Halo may look at this news as a very hopeful sign, in light of the obvious similarities between PC and Xbox architecture).Dat valt me dan nog mee van Microsoft