Een fan van Halo heeft een rekening van $30.000 (F74.871,05 ) gekregen van zijn ISP Earthlink. Dit omdat de arme fan het Nvidia / Halo promotie filmpje van 25 MB op zijn server ruimte had gezet. Niks mis mee, totdat zijn site ongeveer 100.000 keer bezocht werd, wat een dataverkeer opleverde van 4500 gigabyte!Well, my ISP wasn't feeling as charitable as I was. On Wednesday, September 27th, I was charged $5,800 for excess usage fees. No warning, just a nearly six grand bill. I called them to find out what the deal was, and they said that I had had something on the order of 62 gigs worth of traffic for the month of July, hence the huge bill. Now, it gets worse, they calculated the traffic for September, and they say my grand total for this month is running somewhere near $23,600. About an hour later after I came out of my coma, I asked if there was any way to defray the cost. They said I could if I paid them $4,500 dollars by today. Tja, als Nvidia sportief is betalen zij de rekening, het was immers reclame voor hun.