Op halo.bungie.org is een zeer uitgebreide FAQ verschenen. De FAQ is zeer uitgebreid en geeft antwoord op al je Halo vragen. De 2 belangerijkste vragen heb ik even opgezocht.What are Halo's system requirements? Bungie has pointed out that speculation on system requirements is pointless since the game is not far enough along in development for Bungie themselves to know. However, we do know the specifications of several machines on which Halo has been demonstrated to the press. The Macworld NY demo was run on a G3/400 and its stock Rage 128/16MB card, apparently delivering a frame rate good enough that no one really noticed any deficencies. Elsewhere, Halo has been demoed on a P2/400 sporting a TNT. When will Halo be released? There is no official release date. There is no estimated official release date. There is no unofficial or rumored release date. The narrowest window we know of so far is the 2nd half of 2000. Meer vragen en antwoorden kan je in de FAQ vinden.