Pay_ schrijft:"PC Gamer bezitters hebben hem al een tijdje kunnen spelen, maar nu is het derde deel van deze veel besproken serie ook voor de rest van de wereld te spelen"

PC Gamer presents They Hunger episodes 1 and 2. Each episode contains 16 single player maps. You're a writer who saw some success in the past but is now struggling to complete your latest work. Your publisher rents you a house in the country and you are on your way there to rest, write, and recoup. During the course of your drive the relaxing radio music is broken by a hurried announcement, "This is BMRF radio bringing you a special news report! Unknown atmospheric phenomena have been reported throughout the area. Meteorologists have been unable to identify the source of the strange electrical displays but we will keep you informed of any developements. We return you now to our regular programming". "... ah, probably nothing", you think.

Op de site staat ook een link naar de walkthrough, alsof dat nodig is....

It's zombie bashing time.