Bij Stomped hebben ze een preview geschreven over Valve's Ricochet mod. Deze mod was onaangekondigd, maar zit nu gratis (?) bij Half-Life: Counter-Strike en Half-Life platinum collection. De mod lijkt echter helemaal niet op Counter-Strike of Half-life, maar klinkt meer als een Arcade spel.

This mod is not designed for hard core gaming but rather is a simple arcade game akin to last year's Nerf Arena Blast and this year's Laser Arena.

The third person game resembles the disk game made famous in the movie "Tron". Here is Valve's description of the mod from their design notes:

Instead of traditional ammunition, you are armed with three discs. Your ground space consists of pads that are navigated by directional jump arrows. Points are scored by using your discs to knock your opponent from their pads.

One big thing about Ricochet is the absence of a jump key. Your jumps are made only by moving onto the directional jump pads in each arena.

There are power-ups in the game that can change how your disks operate. Valve describes them as follows:

- Powershot: Grab the swirling red powerup and you get discs that hit your opponent harder.

- Triple Shot: These three spinning purple discs turns each of yours into a deadly triple-disked attack.

- Fast Shot : Green circles will make your discs move much faster to catch your enemy.

- Freeze Shot: Blue fragments create a disc that slows your opponent to a crawl.Hmmm, ik vraag me af of deze mod wel past bij de rest, maar goed: een beetje afwisseling kan geen kwaad...?

Ook kregen de mensen bij Stomped nog even de kans met Gabe Newell (van Valve Software) te praten over CS 1.0:Stomped: Why do you think the Counter-Strike mod has become so successful over the Internet?

Newell: They've done a great job with the game design and they have been listening to the community and constantly updating the product with that feedback in mind.

Stomped: Why was the decision made to create a Counter-Strike retail product?

Newell: Counter-Strike is the most popular action game being played online. Developing a retail version makes it more accessible to those who haven't tried it yet. We were also curious to see what would happen if we packaged together a bunch of the multiplayer games and sold them as a stand-alone product without requiring someone to have purchased Half-Life. Half-Life is in the top 20 games sold by units after two years, but it looks like from early reports that there are still a bunch of people interested in buying a stand-alone version. Hier vind je het complete artikel over zowel Ricochet als CS 1.0.