Zoals Frank gister al zei, vandaag is de Half Life multiplayer MOD Firearm uitgekomen. Hij is 29 MB klein. De features zijn onder andere:

- new flexible class system

- new mapping entities

- new teamplay rules

- new textures

- new sounds

- parachuting

- new skins

- new models

- new graphics

- new weapons

- new animations

- lots of new levels

- new player models

- new gameplay rules

- twenty seven new weapons

The Linux version is up and ready to be downloaded. Please thank Alfred for his hard work on the linux version in such short time. Various problems are comming up and we will be addressing them soon. There is a reminder to all Server Admins and people who are running servers, that a lot of the crashes are being caused by the lack of the "+deathmatch 1" command being in the server. It is recommended you use that when starting Firearms up. On another note, the infamous bandage but is well known and we apologize for it. It was due to a last minute edit and will be fixed soon. We hope you enjoy Firearms and come back to visit us for regular visits. We will be adding a Bug forum for all those nasty ones that get by us. P.s: dit is mijn 300ste posting