Vandaag is de mod Crush Depth: Land Assault aangekondigt voor Half-Life. Opzich is dat niet zo bijzonde, want dagelijks worden er nieuwe mods aangekondigt voor deze klassieker. Het bijzondere aan CD:LA is echter dat ze vrij beweegbare voertuigen in de mod gaan implementeren. Iets wat tot voorkort onmogelijk werd gehouden met de Half-Life engine. Halflifeworld heeft gelijk een interview met 1 van de makers gehad.Button: Good day to you PiN To begin with, tell us about the background to the mod, and what part you play in the making of it. PiN: Crush Depth: Land Assault (CDLA) is in a way a sequel to our Quake 2 mod Crush Depth (CD). In CD, you can control a one man submarine, and also a jetski. It also has full CTF support, new weapons, new maps, and a lot of other new features. CDLA has the 2 water vehicles found in CD, and adds in 2 more land vehicles, hence the "Land Assault" part of the title. The 2 new vehicles are a tank and a buggy, and they each can have multiple players controlling them, so in the buggy for example, one person drives while the other fires a machinegun off the top of the vehicle. I make maps, do web design, and also do most of the public related stuff. I also kind of lead the team in the right direction as we work. Button: What does CDLA have that the currently available modifications are lacking? PiN: Vehicles! Well, there are some mods that have vehicles, but we have multiple people controlling these vehicles, and special weapons and maps for them. We are working very hard to balance all of the features in the mod, to make sure that it is not only well balanced, but fun to play. Je kan hier verder lezen. Sounds cool, nou maar hopen dat het ook een beetje werkt .