Er is weer een nieuwe Half-Life mod uitgekomen genaamd Arg!. Dat er weer een nieuwe mod uitkomt zo bijzonder, ware het niet dat deze mod weer een verfrissend blik heeft en niet de 100e ct-vs-t-kill-save-hostage mod is. In Arg! draait alles om wicked humor, piraten en Llama Bashing.As I mentioned before, Arg! The Pirates Strike Back is a very difficult thing not to laugh at, unless you actually play it. What it basically is, is My (Z^E_R^O) and Ratboy's vision on how a 3d cartoon would look. Although we were sure we could make a full fledged mod with just a 3d comic, I decided that wasn't really good enough and added one more thing to think about... Pirates! There is no preticular purpose on the pirates in our mod, other than the fact that it adds a little spice to the already dull mod air (not to offend really good mods, there are plenty of them out there). The pirate concept allows us to put things in the mod, that you wouldn't normally see, or imagine in a mod. For one theres all kind of "odd" things, ie. the fart key, the beer bottle health, kegs instead of health, and of course the weapons. The weapons in this mod a pretty unique concept as they are either extremely sloppy projectile weapons (shooting weapons) or sharp edged things (dagger, sword etc.). This allows for almost total close range combat. That just about covers it about the basics of the mod. And just a quick note: This section is not meant to brag on the behalf of our mod, truely I do not think that Arg! The Pirates Strike Back is even half as good as the majority of mods out there. So don't go thinking its the best everAls je echt wilt lachen tijdens online gamen kan ik deze mod echt aanraden. Meer info kan je vinden op de website of je kan gelijk naar fileplanet gaan om Arg! (16 Mb) te downloaden.