In Singapore is Half-Life verboden omdat het te geweldadig en bloederig zou zijn. Zelf opties om het bloed uit te zetten hebben niet geholpen,waarschijnlijk omdat de ouders geen idee hadden hoe ze deze optie kunnen gebruiken.Halflife & CStrike is such a popular game that suddenly parents and government is taking a very close interest in the matter. Words from Robin "TSPOON_[Utensils]", Manager of Cyberarena has confirmed rumours that The Board of Censors has ban Halflife and is stopping Berkeley MM from distributing Half Life and recalling all Halflife games of the shelves. Cited the reason for the ban as being too violent & bloody. Either than that, no satisfactory reasons is being given. Even the game got an in-built switch/options to allowed parents to switch off the blood/gore lvl in the game. It seems like these parents that make the complains is both brainless and dumb not to use the options. *ed:make you wonder wonder how they raise their children* Efforts has been taken to contacting the PR personel in MITA & the Officer In Charge of the "Halflife Banning" raid for comments. Meanwhile the raiding of legitimate shops that is still selling halflife and LAN shops that has halflife installed is still being raid as we speak. 2 shops has been raided so far and more are expected to be raided as time goes by. Het hele verhaal staat hier