De unofficial FAQ voor Half-Life is geupdate,dus als je met vragen zit over dit meesterlijke spel van Valve Software moet je hem zeker lezen.Welcome to v1.23.2000 of the Unofficial Half-Life FAQ. v1.23.2000 is the fifteenth revision. 'Unofficial' means that this FAQ is not supported by Valve nor Sierra. FAQ stands for: (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions. Revision classification works something like this: it goes by the date. Plain easy and simple. Forget about to v2.xx. Those are just a hassle to keep up. I rather use the date as the version of the document. Date versions are easier to keep up with, because it's easy to tell when it was released and from what date it was. This HLFAQ is and shall be updated regularly on a regular basis on my terms of when it should be updated. The only time that this HLFAQ would be necessary to be updated, would be when a patch for Half-Life would come out. Always expect the HLFAQ to be updated a few days after the patch is released. I need a few days after the patch is released because I want to gather as much information or if there are anything needed to be said about the rest kan je hier lezen.

Hij is echt vreselijk uitgebreid,heb hem net zitten lezen (nu wel hoofdpijn,want lettertype is vreselijk)