Over niet al te lange tijd zal Half-Life: Blue Shift in de winkels liggen. Om je alvast voor te bereiden op dit nieuwe avontuur had Stomped een aantal nieuwe screenshots. De screenshots laten vooral de nieuwe high definition content goed zien.Features

- Return to Black Mesa as the security guard who allied with Gordon Freeman in the original, award-winning thriller.

- Includes: Half-Life HD Pack. Automatically upgrade all your Half-Life weapons and characters with new high definition content.

- 32-Person Multiplayer. Battle opponents from around the world in Capture the Flag and more Half-Life online games.

- Learn more about the incidents at Black Mesa, and explore new areas of this mysterious government facility.

- Blue Shift contains the award winning artificial intelligence, animation, and technology that made Half-Life PC Gamer's "Greatest Game of All Time."

- Also includes: Half-Life: Opposing Force (in North America), the award-winning action thriller that places you in the boots of a military specialist assigned to eliminate Gordon Freeman.

Dat de Europese versie geen Opposing Force zal bevatten maakt voor weinig mensen geloof ik uit, aangezien iedereen deze los heeft gekocht of gekregen heeft bij de Game of The Year editie.

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