Bij de Best of E3 awards die IGN jaarlijks uitreikt is Half Life 2 de grote winnaar gewonnen. Valve's nieuwe titel ging aan de haal met de belangrijkste award, de Best of Show award en won daarnaast ook nog eens de Technological Excellence en Best Graphics awards.

While the overall quality of this year's show was through the roof, with a few exceptions no titles really stood out above the rest. One of those exceptions, the biggest of all in fact, was Half-Life 2. Being shown in an unassuming, tiny theater in the back of South Hall at the ATi booth, Half-Life 2 had the E3lings lined up for hours to get a peek...and with good reason: it kicked ass!

Half-Life 2 is responsible for creating the biggest buzz at this year's E3. You couldn't go to the bathroom without someone at the urinal next to you asking if you'd seen Half-Life 2. With its amazing AI, realistic physics system, intriguing gameplay and impressive graphics Half-Life 2 was the clear choice for Best of E3 this year. Andere games die in de prijzen vielen waren onder andere Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater als Best Non-Playable Presentation en de Sony PSP als Biggest Surprise. De complete lijst kun je op deze pagina bekijken.