Nog een total conversion die er echt fantastisch uit begint te zien: Gunman. Zeker ff de moeite om de officiele site te bezoeken en de screens te bekijken. Hieronder een paar features:

-4 UNEXPLORED PLANETS keep the scenery changing, and provide a variety of habitats for your enemies. Hundreds of realistic new textures and fantastic architecture make the levels in GUNMAN some of the best ever!

-ALL NEW MONSTERS, both alien and human, inhabit the GUNMAN universe. Hordes of startling xenomes, lurching machines, carnivorous beasts, and cunning soldiers employ a variety of hard-hitting new attack strategies based on the highly praised Half-Life AI code.

-CONFIGURABLE WEAPONS allow players to adjust their firepower to meet the situation at hand. This is way beyond secondary fire features... we're talking programmable guns!

-ORIGINAL SOUND AND MUSIC set the perfect mood in the detailed worlds.