3D Alpha had een interview met Rewolf Software's Brian Legge. Rewolf Software is bezig met Gunman, een nieuwe shooter gebaseerd op de Half-Life engine (die weer gebaseerd is op de Quake engine). Gunman was eigenlijk een gratis TC (Total Conversion), maar de makers hebben het grote geld geroken en voor Gunman mag je dan gewoon gaan betalen. Zie ook deze post3DA: Are you worried about the competition in the FPS market right now? With the Q3, UT, and huge Counter Strike followings? Brian: All of which are multiplayer games. We are single player primarily, though we are planning multiplayer support. We do not intend to directly compete with the big games out there as that wouldn't help anyone. Its hard for a inexperienced former mod team to take on the reigning gods of first person shooters. Its in all of our interests to attempt to find a less filled market right now. 3DA: Planning MP support?, your 2-3 months from shipping and your 'planning' something?, aftermarket MP patch? Brian: Yes. We haven't had much of a chance to work on multiplayer as SP always has been our priority, an aftermarket MP patch is very likely, just because of the timeline we have. Until recently we were designing for single player only which allowed us to have many more details in weapons and such. Moving to something a bit more bandwidth friendly will take some time. De site van Gunman vindt je hier, meer info over Half-Life en meer mods hier.