EvilAvat heeft een interview gehad met Herb "Bonewolf" Flower van het Gunman team. In het interview wordt ingegaan over de mod zelf, waarom de mod niet gratis te downloaden is zoals eerst de bedoeling was en de gameplay.Nauris: "Gunman" has been in the spotlight of mod community for some time, but suddenly we see, that it is not a mod anymore. What made "Rewolf" to decide to make "Gunman" as a stand alone commercial product? Herb Flower: The descision isnt entirely Rewolf's. Valve has funded our team for quite a while and actually owns Gunman. This year at E3, I think Valve and Sierra noticed the crowds gathered around the Gunman display. We'd added some really cool features and the game was seriously starting to take shape. I think at that point, the idea of marketing gunman as opposed to sending it out on a magazine or "Further data 2" disk started sounding good to both Valve and Rewolf. Seriously, how could any small start-up resist a big chance like this? ) Nauris: [Gunman] Started as an add-on, isnt there a danger for gamers that "Gunman" will be too short? Herb Flower: Thats a very good question. I think we're up to 70 maps right now. Each of them is a masterpiece! Now, we're not into making too many "brain melting puzzles" that delay you for hours. Instead, we throw lots of new stuff at the player-- With about 30 monsters, there is a new monster for every other level in the game. We've got plenty of ground to cover and lots to do. I think people will feel quite satisfied with the length of the game. Nauris: What`s so special about "Gunman"? Herb Flower: Well, we've got a lot to offer people with this game. I'll go through the categories. Everyone remembers a game by its monsters. We've got a serious variety of different types, each behaving differeintly. Of course our monster AI is based on the Half-Life source, which was and still is the best! The modeling and skins are fantastic, and just show off the awesome designs these creatures have. We also took the time to create individual and sometimes elaborate deaths and gibs for each monster. For example, there is the toobalaunchalecti. This creature is a sort of strange fungus-on-legs. Its slow and doesnt have any way to claw or bite you, but it DOES have some really nasty little flying toothy creatures that it shoots out. They're fairly weak, and will fall over dead with a few shots. The trick is, if you kill them too harshly, they'll explode and release dozens of their little toothy creatures. As if they werent bad enough, later in the game you'll meet their huge, rotten queen. The level designers have pushed the Half-Life engine's capabilities to the max. Somehow the maps seem super-detailed, yet they run smoothly even without a GL card. The textures are truely works of art and create some fantastic scenes. We've developed our own unique art style, and I think people are really going to enjoy the visual detail we've put into this project. We've got around 1,500 original sound effects that are absolutely top-notch. I remember that sound was one of Half-Life's greatest features, and I'm sure you'll agree that Gunman lives up to that. We've got customizable weapons and drivable vehicles. Remember when you found your first tank in Half-Life and really wanted to drive it around, but discovered that it wasnt possible? Gunman tanks are fun to drive. You can blast away at buildings and blow them to smithereens using the tank's turret cannon, rockets, or machine guns. (the turret is independant of travel direction, meaning you can pick-off badguys in anywhere as you drive along in the tank) Programmable weapons?

70 Maps ?

Klinkt allemaal zeer leuk, je kan het interview hier vinden.