Onze collega's van Ign.Pc hebben een interview gehad met Herb Flower. Herb is ontwerper bij Rewolf Software. Tijdens dit interview vroegen ze van Ign.Pc het hemd van Herb's lijf over: Half-Life, het veranderen van een mod tot een zelfstandige game en wat hij graag extra in Gunman zou implementeren als hij meer tijd zou hebben gehad.IGNPC: What are some of the biggest lessons you've learned through the process of developing Gunman Chronicles?

Herb Flower: I think the most important thing I've learned deals with how to find and manage a group of talented people. I've also learned a lot from Valve's example about how to make a game FUN. Everyone on the team was amazed to discover that if you work hard enough for your goal, you're bound to achieve it eventually.

IGNPC: What would you say to other aspiring Mod designers/amateur level designers out there who hope to make it big with their ideas?

Herb Flower: I always tell people to learn a skill and join an existing, well-known Mod. It's the only way that your work will see the light of day. I think if Mod makers knew how much work went into even a simple Mod, they'd be shocked. People need to join together and stick with it till the end, concentrating on their part of the job. I've been very happy to see so many great Mods appearing lately—even some single-player Mods, which are harder to create.

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