Rebellion (Aliens vs. Predator, Rainbow 6) komt met haar nieuwste creatie, Gunlok. 3D Action Planet heeft een behoorlijke eerste blik op dit spel geworpen. Het spel verenigd verschillende spelelementen in zich.A robot named suffers an accident that gives him consciousness: he is the first robot to dream. This ability also allows him to trigger consciousness in other robots, and to tap into an energy field surrounding the earth. Along his journey of discovery, Gunlok will meet up with four other robots, each of whom have their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Players will control the robots through more than 15 3D environments, all the while solving puzzles and battling the considerable enemy forces. Gunlok's objectives will be to discover humanity's fate, free other robots from captivity and finally, take on big boss Skorn himself. Poor Gunlok won't be alone, though. You will be able to control a party of up to four robotic characters at a time, each of them a unique character with different statistics, strengths, and weaknesses. You can outfir your party with a huge hulking brute, a technologically advanced hacker, a small but nimble robot, or even a human shaman. All these characters will be controlled by a simple interface through a third person isometric view. Players will also have complete control over the camera, being able to zoom, rotate, and move it around at will. Rebellion is doing its best to make it simple and intuitive. Omdat ie voor de lente van dit jaar gepland staat, zijn hier wat screenies