Sharky's jon simon heeft de tijd gevonden om een review te maken van de Guillemot Maxi Sound FORTISSIMO, een low budget kaart met behoorlijk wat features. stukje knip&plak :As we said in the introduction, the FORTISSIMO has an impressive array of features for any card, and doubly so for such a low-priced one. The first feature that jumps out at you is its four-channel support. There are the front two channels for normal use and two rear channels for surround sound. When you couple the four-channel support with DirectSound3D or Sensaura, you have the potential for some wicked audio fun in games and some pretty good movie sound. But four channels and those sound formats are not the ultimate in sound these days. No sir, Dolby Digital (a.k.a. AC-3), with its five channels plus subwoofer, is the current ultimate in sound immersion. Dolby Digital cards are right around the corner too. But the Guillemot engineers, clever people that they are, realized this and included an S/PDIF optical digital audio output for those who are planning to get or have a stereo system setup capable of Dolby Digital decoding.