The Coven heeft ooit 2 Quake 2 add-ons gemaakt. Maar omdat ze eind vorig jaar moesten sluiten hebben ze de add-ons gratis beschikbaar gesteld. En dat is toch precies wat wij Nederlanders willenDisposable Heroes is an unique multiplayer add-on for both Quake and Quake II, featuring new maps, mods and skins for both games. Deadlode II brings Team Fortress style gameplay to Quake II, as well as adding new features such as fully customisable player classes and a modular construction system. Both add-ons are now available as open source. As well as being able to download and play the mods for free, you can also use any of the code, textures, maps, models, or other material from our mods in your own projects, as long as The Coven is credited. Zoals je waarschijnlijk wel gezien had staan de links in de quote