Behind the wheel racing heeft een review gemaakt van Grand Prix Legends. Go check it out! En het bijna verplichte knip en plak werk : trouwens, ik doe eigenlijk altijd kopieer en plak, het is anders zo rot voor de mensen die na mij komen, hebben ze niks meer te lezen eh, ik dwaal af, hier dus dat stukje kopieer en plak :The one big downfall to Sierra's Grand Prix Legends is the lack of a scalability option to ease the learning curve of flicking these 400 horsepower monsters around the track. Some easy features such as a traction control option to ease acceleration and braking would have been nice for learning the ropes, and perhaps the ability to scale down the AI in a way that at least lets you run competitively with the field while fine tuning your skills as a GP driver. All in all though I'm impressed with what Sierra came up with for a driving model, but also feel in the same light that the driving model in itself may be a turn off to the players that don't have the time to devote to learning to drive the cars to a level of competitiveness to challenge the pack.