PC Gamer heeft een preview van Grand Prix 3 gemaakt, die staat helaas niet online dus ik kan em ook niet rippen, maar hier zijn de shots eruit:

Als ik een keer een speelbare versie in handen krijg zal ik er een (p)review van maken.


Ik vond op Grand Prix 3.com nog een lijstje met features:[bullet]All the teams, all the drivers, all the tracks and all the races of the 1998 Championship Season [bullet]Official FI Licensed product endorsed by the FOA, Formula One's governing body [bullet]Compete in Quick Race, Non-Championship Race or the full Championship Season [bullet]Five Levels of Difficulty from Rookie to Ace [bullet]Eight Driving Aids including Auto Brakes, Auto Gears, Self-correcting Spin, Indestructible, Ideal Line, and Suggested Gear, Throttle help and Steering help. [bullet]Virtual cockpit [bullet]Highly detailed vehicle/track 3D graphics in both hardware and software modes [bullet]Weather effects [bullet]A wide range of TV-style and Game-style camera. [bullet]Multiplayer on LAN for 4+. [bullet]Completely rebuilt simulation system featuring new Physics, Full Tumble, etc. [bullet]Technology leading F1audio including 3D sound. Standard car set-up options including: [bullet]Front/Rear wings [bullet]Brake balance [bullet]Gear ratios Advanced Car Set up procedures include adjustments to: [bullet]Springs [bullet]Ride Height [bullet]Dampers [bullet]Anti-Roll Bars with full reference guide Highly detailed performance analysis including data logging with a wealth of information on each saved lap including: [bullet]Speed [bullet]Steering Demand [bullet]RPM [bullet]Throttle [bullet]Brake [bullet]Gear Use [bullet]Ride Height (for each wheel) [bullet]Suspension Travel (for each wheel) [bullet]Wheel Spin (for each wheel) [bullet]Longitudinal & lateral acceleration