In een interview met PC Gamer UK heeft Geoff Crammond een aantal dingen geconfimeerd (hoe zeg je dat in het nederlands?):In the interview, carried out on the third week of December 1999, Geoff confirms the following:- 1. The development is still on course for Spring 2000 release 2. There will be both software and hardware graphics support 3. Wet weather - modelled down to each puddle 4. Between 4 and 16 people can play via a LAN, two players via serial and single player 5. Better AI for the computer drivers 6. Virtual cockpit - like aircraft sims 7. The game will be based on the 1998 season (modelling grooved tyres, accurate aerodynamics) 8. More accurate tracks 9. The crashes are improved eg, cars can tumble upside down 10. Keyboard and steering wheels will be well supported 11. New, improved menu system making access to all areas of the game easier 12. Telemetry much improved eg, data on steering, gear use, brakes, throttle, wheel spin etc PC Gamer say they expect to have hardware graphics mode screen shots in next months magazine. Ik wacht nog steeds... al een paar jaar