Gamespot is uitgenodigd op het testcentrum van Hasbro Interactive om daar Grand Prix 3 te mogen bekijken. Zij zullen daar een week lang verslag van doen met nieuwe screenshots. In deel 1 gaan ze vooral in op de weers-effecten die in de game aanwezig zijn en ook invloed hebben op je wagen. Dit was overigens niet het geval in het tweede deel van deze F1 Sim.Throughout the week we're going to be looking at various elements of the game, and take a drive around a favourite track of the 1998 season. Today, appropriately enough after this weekend's wet race at the Nurburgring, we're going to cover Grand Prix 3's weather system. After sadly missing out weather conditions in Grand Prix 2, Geoff Crammond's follow-up is making up for it in spades. Weather can vary throughout a track, with parts of it in glorious sunshine and others the subject of driving rain. The road surface itself can vary too. The tarmac can be damp, drying or under standing water, with each making a difference to handling. The standing water - typically off the racing line - can even be used to cool down your tyres to make them last longer. We drove round Interlagos in Brazil, suffering from a rather rare torrential downpour. Interlagos is unusual in that it is the only track in the season to be driven anti-clockwise. From the start-finish straight, which is trickily uphill, the first left-hand bend isn't too taxing, unless you find yourself halfway up the field, in which case finding a bit of spare track can be a nightmare. The fourth-gear corner leads into the left-hand Senna S, which as the name suggests turns into the gentle and fast Curva do Sol. At around 185mph, it's time to brake hard into the left-hand Descida do Lago, and left again before accelerating into the Ferradura. The track then continues through a number of deceptively tight bends during Interlagos' slow section, before opening out at Junçäo. Then just floor it up the hill and around past the crowds back to the finish line.

De screenshots lijken allemaal uit maar 256 kleuren te bestaan, Gamespot zegt hier verder niets over.