Grand Prix 3, de opvolger van, hoe kan het ook anders, Grand Prix 2, is bijna af. Het zal deze zomer nog in de winkels liggen.Grand Prix 3 will include all of the tracks, drivers, teams, and grand prix cars of the 1998 Formula One championship season. Although Grand Prix 3 will model grand prix racing as realistically as possible, it will also include multiple driving aids to help novices get up to speed: auto-breaking, auto-gear-shifting, self-correcting spin, throttle help, and steering help. The help will not only make life easier for the beginner, but it will also help teach advanced driving skills. Grand Prix 3 will include standard car set-up options that let you adjust brake balance and gear ratios, in addition to more advanced set-up features that let you adjust ride height, dampers, springs, and more. The game will also thoroughly explain these advanced features. Grand Prix 3 will include multiple racing modes, from quick races all the way up through the full championship season. It's designed to be a comprehensive simulation designed for every type of driving enthusiast.Tot zo ver nog niet veel bijzonders.