3D Action Planet heeft een preview gemaakt van een nieuwe 3D Shooter, Gore genaamd. Gore gebruikt zijn eigen engine, gemaakt door 4D Rulers. Over het verhaal is nog niet veel bekend, wel dat je in 3 werelden terechtkomt: voor Christus, de Middeleeuwen en in een Alien wereld. When they see the two letters "AI," gamers generally tend to cringe and recite various incantations to ward off evil. 4D Rulers aims to change all that with their in-house system called Acquired Recalled Tactics (ART). The idea is to give Gore's NPCs a little more class than most. They will respond to your actions according to their past experiences as well as the current situation they're in. For all you maniacs out there, this means that slaughtering civilians is a bad idea and will only serve to further impede your progress. Make nice with the locals, however, and they will help you out as best they can. Gore wordt dus gemaakt door 4D Rulers en de hele preview kan je hier lezen.