De Eerste Hulp Bij Ongelukken mocht weer in actie komen vandaag, want er zijn digitale pleisters verschenen voor Gore en Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza. Vooral de fixes van Gore zijn er teveel op te noemen, maar de belangrijkste staan hieronder. Voor eigenaren van een ATI 8500 en Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza is het "Powel in police car" probleem verholpen.The following problems have been addressed in this patch as well as the following have been updated:

- Singleplayer will not start or controls freeze after loading a SP game.

- Can not create a MP server.

- Max time for respawn fixed

- Custom rules directory option. This fixes the limit of one game per mode per server. [See the standalone server docs for more info.]

- Game-timer intermittent display bug.

- Old help screen showing up in observer mode in tactical.

- Rendering options now require dev access.

- Server security bug fixed - server ops can start using remoteadmin again.

- Friendly fire does not affect healing. [Server ops can turn friendly fire off w/o ruining healing grenades].

- Out of control weapon switching bug fixed.

- Bumped maximum mouse sensitivity from 20 to 30

- Low-quality sound option. Forces all sounds to 8bit. [Saves approx. 13 Megs of RAM]

- Fixed formatting problem in server browser.

- Fixed player sorting so that it sorts by deaths when kills are the same.

- Added vsync control [menu and console controls]

- Added color depth setting to video settings.

... Gore patch 1.47 weegt 1,6 MB, de Die Hard: Nakatomi pleister gaat voor 1,3 MB over de toonbank.