GuarddoG van Cold-ice heeft een interview gedaan met Gooseman van de befaamde Counterstrike MOD. Het interview gaat voornamelijk over het feit dat Counterstrike in de Half-Life updates komt.GuarddoG: Two weeks ago I asked you about the influence from Valve on CS. Now CS has "joined" Valve. How do you think / feel about it ? Gooseman: I feel the same way I felt before it happened. They've given me the same amount of control as before. Nothing really has changed. GuarddoG: Is Valve offering something more now, since you "joined" them? Gooseman: They're offering to help me in whatever dept. I need help in, but I haven't really taken them up on their offers. I really enjoy doing it all. GuarddoG: Since CS "joined" Valve and a version of CS will be in the Valve update packs, do you feel like TFC, which are also in the update packs ? Gooseman: I'm honestly not sure what the situation will be with the update packs... I don't think they know exactly how it's going to pan out either. GuarddoG: I'd like to see Counter-strike in a box so people can buy it at there local store. I think this is a way to get more in a Counter-strike releases. Now your limited to a size of 100 megs. If you put CS on a nice compact disk you can add more weapons, scenarios, music, better quality sounds etc. How do you feel about this ? CS a commercial product like OP4 ?

Gooseman: I could put A LOT of stuff in 100 megs.. The only thing that really adds to the size of the downloads is maps.. and people can sort of download those on a bit by bit methodology. I'd really rather not go full blown commercial.. People would be expecting too much.