Versie 1.1 van de Half-Life MOD GoldenEye is uitgebracht. In deze versie zitten gebruikelijke bug-fixes en een paar nieuwe opties.The GoldenEye team has released Beta 1.1 of their mod. Please note that this is not an upgrade, and that you will have to delete your existing GoldenEye directory before installing this one! The following is the list of fixes you'll find in this version:

[bullet]Fixed bleeding glass.

[bullet]Fixed bleeding glass.

[bullet]Fixed round system.

[bullet]Tweaked round clock. (still may not work)

[bullet]Tweaked telefragging. (my not occur as often)

[bullet]Added new death sequence.

[bullet]Radar can be selected to be on the left or right.

[bullet]Player ID bar can be centered.

[bullet]Weapons can be selected with one keypress.

[bullet]Tweaked radar.

[bullet]Pistols are all stronger.

[bullet]VEPR is a 1 shot killer.

[bullet]New sounds for most guns.

[bullet]New VEPR model and p99 model.

[bullet]New models bond_black by Austin, a Boris, Russian soldier, and a new Xenia.

[bullet]Tweaked bots, will now use the knife, colt45 and deagle. They will use auto's in beta2.

[bullet]Lowered players speed.

[bullet]Added new map ge_complex!

De download is weegt 15 Mb en is hier te vinden.