Damage Gaming heeft een leuk maar zonder pics van Unreal inelkaar gebakken. We hadden er nog geen..... maar ja.Everyone remembers the hype that the original Unreal garnered, only to be shot down when the game was released. With shoddy net code, and most of the expectations not lived up to, Unreal was a small failure of a game. After a few patches were released, it got better, but the community as a whole didn't really seem to care. Unreal Tournament was announced roughly a year ago, and I must admit to my being skeptical. But now we have Unreal Tournament in our hands, and sure, it basically is what Unreal should have been, just over a year late. But it's good. Damn good. Read on.

Leuk doos maar kan niet op tegen de doos van kwak 3 Arena met zijn metalen constructie.