PC.IGN heeft een uitgebreide preview op het internet gezet vol met informatie over Global Operations, een teambased fps shooter. De preview staat vol met nieuwe informatie over het spel en is zeker de moeite waard om even door te lezen.

Global Operations speelt als een kruising tussen TFC en CS. Je kiest een klasse en team en gaat daarmee ten strijde tegen de tegenpartij. Het spel zal vol zitten met levensechte locaties, echte conflicten en veel wapens.All in all there will be around 36 weapons for your team to choose from in the game, each of which is based on their real-life counterparts. They don't have the licenses to real weapons, but if you are familiar with them at all, you will definitely know which approximates what. Each of the models use textures taken from high-res photos of the weapons they will be modeling after and sounds recorded from the field where they were fired. Aside from guns, there will also be several types of grenades and an anti-tank weapon that can only be used by the heavy gunner and demolitions expert.

The crew is also taking time altering the ballistics model in the LithTech engine to provide gamers with what should be some of the most realistic gun battles ever seen in games. First off, bullets will react to surfaces depending on their hardness. So if a bullet hits a hard metal object, it will ricochet, giving it the chance to hit something else. If a surface is softer, the bullet will sink in and sometimes go through the object. This all depends on the calculations of a very complex ballistics model though. A great many considerations have to be taken into effect such as what kind of gun is being used, what kind of ammo is being used in that gun, the range of the shooter, the angle of the shot, and the thickness of the target. It is definitely possible to shoot two people standing in a line with one shot though. It's even possible to inflict two wounds on one target in one shot if a bullet happens to go through an arm and into a side. Both entry and exit wounds will show on models after they've been hit as well. Ziet er allemaal erg cool uit, je kan verder lezen bij PC.IGN