Op Homelanfed is een uitgebreide preview verschenen over Global Operations , gebasseerd op de op dit moment lopende betatest. In tegenstelling tot de betatester van Shacknews zijn ze bij Homelanfed wel onder de indruk van het spel. Een vergelijking met Counter-Strike zit er helemaal niet in, het spel lijkt evenveel op CS als Half-Life op Quake lijkt volgens de schrijver.While a number of people have already labeled Global Operations as a Counter-Strike clone, the two games really have about as much similarity as, say, Quake does with Half-Life. While both game share a lot of similar aspects, Global Ops also has elements of Team Fortress, the Rainbow Six series, and some nice elements of its own.

The game is organized in a class system with seven separate classes to choose from. One of the classes doesn't involve combat but is rather a commander-like position called the Intelligence Officer that can communicate and watch over the other members of the team. This class can also see what his other teammates are seeing via camera that are mounted on team members and can actually be see on the character model.

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