Bij IGN kregen ze bezoek van Interplay, die de laatste build van Giants:Citizen Kabuto hadden meegenomen. Bij IGN waren zeer onder de indruk van al dit moois wat Interplay hen te bieden had, dat er gelijk maar een preview van maakten. While the team is still tweaking the graphics for a variety of cards, on a GeForce Giants truly shines. Unlike other titles that seem to shrivel under delays, Giants continues to be one of the most graphically impressive titles we've seen in a long, long time. While Vampire was absolutely stunning in terms of its lighting and design, Giants seems to top even that incredibly high bar with a unique flair all its own -- and a killer set of textures that show off exactly how important they are to overall gaming. The detail on characters like Kabuto or the Smarties is instantly apparent, and the landscapes spread out beautifully because of the seamless texture design. And more importantly, while we've seen the game before at E3 and Planet Moon , it's nice to actually have it run on one of our work computers, and still have it come across so nicely. Naast een preview hebben ze ook nieuwe plaatjes en filmpjes online staan bij IGN.