VoodooExtreme wist uit de mond van Tim Williams te halen dat er zeer binnenkort een patch aan zit te komen voor de laatste game van developer Planet Moon: Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

De patch zal, volgens VoodooExtreme, wat lost levels fixen. Ook zullen er natuurlijk bux fixes en performance optimaliseringen in het beestje aanwezig zijn.The surface of the Island is mostly water … if it can be called water. So rich and bright, so vast. Various land formations can be found within the Island's great sea - small continents composed of stone or ice. These landmasses boast curious shapes, some curving gently, some jagged. Seen from the sky, the scattered islands resemble the alphabet of a lost deity, perhaps writing his name upon the surface of a world. Or making a shopping list with whatever materials were at hand. Or doing his taxes.

Anyway, the Island … whether these small continents are made of rock or ice, they boast some curious life forms. Plants ranging from a few inches in height to thousands of feet. Small humanoid creatures occupying quaint stone huts. A variety of monstrosities, all created by the Island's natural forces … all but one. Wanneer de patch precies komt is nog niet zeker, maar volgens Tim zal het niet lang meer duren.