ZDnet.com heeft Giants uitgebreid zitten spelen en ze hebben maar gelijk een review geschreven, want wat moeten ze anders doen.

Altijd al in je nakie willen rond rennen. Imagine what would happen if Salvador Dali decided to design a computer game after an all-night marathon of watching cartoons, monster movies, and pro wrestling. Then you'd start to get an idea of Giants: Citizen Kabuto, one of the most wildly imaginative, funny, and enjoyable action games to date. Actually, to simply call it an action game would be to do it an injustice. While it's played from a first- or third-person perspective in the fashion of a typical shooter, the game also has resource-gathering and base-building elements that are similar to those in real-time strategy games. These elements are linked together by the game's distinctly stylish and goofy sensibility, which is immediately likeable and entertaining. While Giants does have a few problems, you'll certainly want to look past these since the game itself is so inventive and so much fun. ZDnet was erg te spreken over deze game en gaf hem een 9.0 niet slecht. Ze vonden het erg "nieuw" om te spelen dat ze toch aardig wat uurtjes achter de pc "geplakt" waren. De versie die ze speelde bevatte toch nog wat kleine bugs maarja even wachten op de patch dan maar.

Nu moet Giants nog even in nederland uitkomen want dan kan ik hem ook tenminste spelen.