Planet Moon Studios eindigde nog niet zo lang geleden het werk aan Giants: Citizen Kabuto. In de game werd ook een multiplayer optie verwerkt, er zaten alleen nog wat bugs in dit gedeelte van Giants. Binnenkort zal de developer met een patch komen.

VoodooExtreme kreeg te pakken wat er allemaal in de patch komt te zitten:Multiplayer Major problems

- Fixed synchronization problems with base items. This was causing joiners to crash just before they entered game and other issues like seeing gyropads that aren't there, not seeing gyropads that are there, having multiple gyropads, etc.

- Changing the max players while in a game now works better.

- Fixed a resource leak when firing certain weapons. This should help performance in longer lasting games.

- Fixed a crash bug when multiple meccs try to enter the gyro copter at the same time.

- Fixed a crash bug involving casting the slow follow spell while you have a the homing bow locked onto the same target.

- Fixed rare audio crash with ambient sounds.

Multiplayer Minor problems

- Fixed reaper turbo map mode cheat.

- Fixed reaper turbo jumping cheat.

- Fixed reaperski instant kill while turboing.

- Prevented projectiles from lingering after the player that fired them leaves the game.

Removed 3-way game restrictions. Can now have more than 9 players and they can all be meccs if you want. However, still only 1 Kabuto is allowed.

- Fixed a bug where meccs would become oversized due to reaper shrinking.

- Reaper Powerup bow will now target kabuto offspring.

- Casting smartie grab and slow follow spells on smarties at the pub now works properly.

- Reaper can no longer use teleport spell to teleport inside objects.

- Reaper can no longer cast follow spell on smartie in the bubble she is carrying.

- Reaperski powerups won't respawn if their associated pier is destroyed.

- Giants now is more careful about selecting network connection types. TCP/IP connection types associated with DirectPlay should always be used now.Meer info over de game? Erik heeft een review over Giants geschreven een review.