Een newssubmitter bij Voodoo Extreme vond een beta patch voor Giants die je versie van het spel naar 1.4 zal brengen. De bugs die gewoon in de retailversie zaten worden met deze patch gefixt en dat is mooi. (toch? )*General Issues

- Fixed a bug where the reaper could not build turrets on a tower that was over deep water.

- Fixed Kabuto throwing bug where if the throw button was held down, he would not throw the object.

- The patch installer for this version removes the MPlayer links that are related to Giants. A link to GameSpy Arcade is added. Also, the patch installer offers to install GameSpy Arcade.

- Fixed a potential bug that would cause the camera to get "stuck" in baseview, and the player could not exit baseview by hitting ESC or clicking the "Back" button.

- Mouse sensitivity is now configurable via the game menus (keymapping options), as well as via the command-line parameter. The command-line setting overrides the menu setting.

- The in-game chat system is better, allowing longer messages. Also, the HOME, END, INSERT, DELETE, and arrow keys work in the chat edit box as expected.

- Fixed a problem where Model Detail setting was not being saved correctly. A side effect of this fix may be that Model Detail will be set to "Low". If you make sure to set it to the correct setting for your machine and desired framerate, it will use that setting from then on.

- Fixed a problem that would cause the player to exit a gift shoppe from the wrong exit.

- Editing abilities and debug invincibility have been removed from the game. We are mainly concerned with players cheating during multiplayer games. Having said that, we may find a way in the future to allow the player to access the editor for single player levels as an unsupported feature.

- Game now saves/restores invert mouse option and lod option settings

- Keyboard "Enter" can now be mapped easily to an action

Vermenigvuldig deze waslijst met 3 en je hebt dit. De patch zelf is overigens te vinden op FilePlanet

Happy Patching allen.