Het zoveelste artikel over geweldadige computergames is online verschenen, ditmaal op 3DActionPlanet. De schrijver gaat hier ook in op de keuze van Raven Software waarom er minder gewelddadige versies van Soldier of Fortune verschenen zijn.Raven hired John Mullins, an ex-Green Beret who served several tours of duty in Vietnam, to serve as the game's consultant. Mullins is the founder of several military-related companies such as the Tallgrass Center for Advanced Tactical Training (TCATT), which presents live-fire training courses for police and the military. The player assumes Mullins' identity in the game. SoF's appearance in an increasingly intolerant society may seem like it was doomed to fail. But Raven seemed to have planned ahead. The company, based in Madison, Wisconsin, incorporated a "violence lock" into SoF. Parents can install the game, set the violence level to an "acceptable" level, and then set a password so their settings could not be changed. "We were already making a low-violence version of the game for the German market in accordance with the German laws regarding computer game media content," said Kenn Hoekstra, Project Administrator for Raven Software. "To that end, we decided to offer gamers and distributors worldwide a choice of versions to carry and/or purchase. "In addition, the parental violence lock controls in the full version of the game were planned from day one of Soldier of Fortune's development. The media had nothing to do with that decision either."Er staan wel een aantal nieuwe, en interessante stukken in het artikel.