Het is weer eens wat anders dan 'Get paid to surf the web'. Verschillende bedrijven laten hun werknemers in London elkaar fraggen waarbij ze allerlei prijzen kunnen winnen. Dit allemaal om hun skills te verbeteren:Of course, Quake requires skills that hitting the recalculate key in Excel just won't give you. "Generally speaking our typical clients have not played Quake," says Paul. "Therefore we have developed a program to teach people how to play with special maps and configurations to make it easier to pick up, for example, we use flat maps and there's no mouse look." With a client base that includes Andersen Consulting, Citibank, and Morgan Stanley International, it appears that City people like to frag. Indeed, interest has been so high that Cybernetic is getting office workers to battle it out in a special City Cyber Challenge on 8th to 12th May.Klik hier als je jouw bedrijf hier ook aan mee wilt laten doen.